Sol Testing Begins May 3 - Here's the Schedule!
Posted on 04/29/2021

SOL testing begins Monday,
May 3

VIEW or DOWNLOAD TESTING SCHEDULE   Bell schedules are different every other day, so please check those also - found below. 

Students should arrive no later than 8:00 a.m. on any day they are taking a test. They will be met at the door and directed to their testing location. Their teachers should be telling them where they should be going for each individual test (it may not be the same location each time).  Students should attempt to leave any digital devices at home (cell phone, digital watches, etc.). Please get a good night's sleep the night before your test and come ready to do your best!  

Daily Bell Schedules:
May 4 & 5    Bell Schedule  (Tues/Wed) 7th Grade Reading SOL
May 6 & 7    Bell Schedule (Thurs/Fri) 6th Grade Reading SOL

May 11 & 12   Bell Schedule  (Tues/Wed) 6th Grade Math SOL
May 13 & 14    Bell Schedule  (Thurs/Fri) 8th Grade Reading SOL

May 18 & 19   Bell Schedule (Tues/Wed) 8th Grade Math, Algebra, Geometry, Math 7 Ext SOLs
May 2O & 21   Bell Schedule (Thurs/Fri) 7th Grade Math SOL

May 25 & 26  Bell Schedule (Tues/Wed) 8th Grade Science SOL
May 27 & 28   (Thurs/Fri) 6th Grade Makeup SOLs (all subjects)

June 1 & 2  (Tues/Wed) 7th Grade Makeup SOLs (all subjects)
June 3 & 4  (Thurs/Fri) 8th Grade Makeups SOLs (all subjects)