Getting Started with Virtual Learning at UBMS! Also, Daily Login Sequence and Zoom Authentication Checks! NOTE: We are NO LONGER using Google!
Posted on 01/01/2021
All you need to know to make sure a student is ready to start virtual learning at Unity Braxton Middle School is in this presentation. Click the link to view download. Click through the document like a slide presentation:

Getting Started with Virtual Learning at UBMS document

Daily Login Sequence and Zoom Authentication Check

Update Your Zoom Software!

Observe your child's classes!

Parents have the ability to OBSERVE what is going on inside their student's courses and have access to a consolidated event calendar for each of their children.  Parents gain access to Canvas  courses by entering a pairing code given to them by THE STUDENT.  Students should be cautioned against giving this out to anyone who is not their legal guardian.  Teachers can see who is observing any student inside their course. as everyone who has access to their course through a pairing with a student is listed by name and as which student they are observing. The image below shows how a student can get a pairing code. Codes are only good for 7 days or a SINGLE use.  Each time the student clicks on pairing code, a new one is generated so each parent can get their own if needed. All generated codes are good for 7 days until used to pair with the student.

pair with observer instructions
Canvas Student Guide Link    Canvas Parent Guide Lilnk

 Students can no longer log in with their school Google account. Please review the PowerPoint using the link above to learn how to get to class online this year!

NOTE: After 3 incorrectly typed login attempts, PWCS-issued laptops will lock you out for 30 minutes. Please type CAREFULLY!

For future reference:
Check Status for Microsoft Office365

Check Status for Zoom 

Students are encouraged to POWER OFF their laptops each day by clicking on the START BUTTON (1) in the lower left corner, then clicking on the POWER ICON (2), and then RESTART (3) as shown in the image below.

Students are asked NOT to turn off laptops by pressing the physical power button. This can cause problems with the hard drive and more

Computer restart sequence: 1. click on windows Start button in bottom left corner, 2. Select the POWER icon, 3. select RESTART.