Dasha Sealock
sealocdd@pwcs.edu     571-719-4198

Hello UBMS/Ohio State students & parents, 
         Welcome! Our theme this year is, "New Beginnings". Because we are not only starting a new school year, but with a new school name, a new school mascot, new learning environments, plus a new school principal. Lots of wonderful and exciting experiences await us this school year. 
         Canvas and Zoom will be the 'go-to' learning platforms for students and parents. If for some reason we are unable to reach Zoom on a synchronous learning day, then students can continue the daily learning plan in Canvas. The science lessons will be available for students to work on. 
         I am looking forward to seeing all of the Ohio state students and parents very soon! 
Please, reach out to me at sealocdd@pwcs.edu or UBMS-helpdesk@pwcs.edu, with any questions, concerns, & comments you may have. 

Science rocks, Mrs. Sealock

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