Mr. Fujiwara
6th Grade Math Teacher

      My name is Mike Fujiwara.  I am beginning my first year at Unity Braxton Middle School.   After spending two years working with middle and high school students as a Math Tutor, I am excited to expand my role to teach Middle School Math at Unity Braxton.  Although, my educational background is in Biology I have always had a love for teaching Mathematics, as it is the foundational skill for many other subjects.  I was born and raised in Northern Virginia and attended school at Shenandoah University to direct my career towards Education.  I look forward to  having a positive impact on children's growth as they experience new challenges and new discoveries with our amazing team at Unity Braxton.

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Mike Fujiwara
6th Grade Math Teacher
Unity Braxton Middle School

Office Hours:  Mondays (11:00- 11:40 am)
After School Office Hours: Tues- Fri (2:30- 3:00 pm) 
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