Welcome to our distance learning in PE!!! We hope you and your families are spending quality time together and staying safe during this time. As this is new to all of us, please be assured we are here to help in any way we can. We will be posting workouts, videos and health articles for you to use. And remember……just take a minute to relax and breathe! You got this!!

Stay Strong Stonewall,

Mr. Garcia: Garciael@pwcs.edu
Mrs. Harris: Harrisca@pwcs.edu
Ms. Morris: Morriss@pwcs.edu
Mr. Ponn: Ponnjd@pwcs.edu

UPDATE:  April 13 2020
We hope all of you are doing well and that you all are taking advantage of the activities that we have provided on our class page.  In the "Files and Documents" area we have uploaded weekly workouts designed to help you get stronger and crush those fitness scores when we get back! You should be able to finish each workout in the allotted 18 minutes of P.E. /exercise. Remember it is never too late to start! 

Zoom meetings:  The PE team will be hosting weekly meetings on Zoom!  Join us every Wednesday at 9:00-9:30 AM to discuss health and fitness during the quarantine or just to check in and say hi...we really do miss you all. If you are interested, email your teacher and they will send you the invitation link.  

This weeks topic:  Life in quarantine...how are we doing?
Week 2:  Has this pandemic changed your opinion about health and fitness?
Week 3:  How are we staying active?
Week 4: What adventures have you had during the time off?
Week 5:  Have you tried anything new in your time off?  Any new habits or discover new talents or interests?

We are open to topic suggestions.  Please email your teachers and we can put them on the calendar.  

Stay (Get) Strong Stonewall      

UPDATE April 27 2020
Thanks to all the students who have joined us on Wednesday morning for our Health/ PE Zoom chats.  We have had good behavior so far but we want to go over so guidelines we feel would make our meetings more productive. 
1.  Please turn on your camera to check in with your teacher (we also miss all your faces) 
2.  No inappropriate backgrounds that would distract or interrupt the discussion.  Remember it is voluntary, if you are going to show up, be constructive. 
3. You may be dismissed from the meeting for inappropriate content or disruptions.   
4. Read our discussion question before you log- in so you can come prepared to share. 
5. Have fun and be open to hear new ideas.   

Distance Workouts  This is the last week for our distance workout routine.  If you have not started go to the "Files and Documents" section and start from week 1.  If you have already done it, you can start it over and keep getting stronger.  Next week we will be post a workout chart for the month of May.  We will give you specific directions when we release the chart next Monday, May the 4th (be with you).  

UPDATE May 4 2020
The Fitness Choice chart has been posted for the month of May in the Files and Documents tab.  Students are to pick a different box everyday and complete the task. The boxes are broken up into categories so you can pick from a different one everyday.  There are a lot of options so be a risk taker and try out something new!  You can always go back and do the 5 week body-weight workout that is posted as well.  Good luck and stay safe.  Let's get strong Stonewall!  #IBStrong