science rules

Delaney Hansen

- Team Duke 6th Grade Science - 

Hello Team Duke! I hope that you have been able to maximize your time away from school by spending quality time with your family, staying active, and keeping your brain sharp. It is so important that you keep your brain active by reading, writing, and exploring. The future depends greatly on what you chose to do during this difficult time. I am here for each and every one of you. I miss you. Please stay in touch. 

stay strong

Digital Learning

During this away from school, we will continue to use Google Classroom. Please check our class page for assignments, links to science related activities, lessons, review, and more. To access Google Classroom, visit:

You can also take a look at the "USEFUL LINKS" tab located on the upper left corner of your screen. I have posted many websites, activities, YouTube channels, and podcasts to keep you busy during this time. Just because school has stopped, does not mean that LEARNING has to. Have fun with these! 

6th Grade Content

  • Earth's Water
  • Matter
  • Energy Forms and Transformation
  • Weather and Climate
  • Earth, Sun, Moon Relationships (not covered)
  • Solar System (not covered)
  • Family Life Education (not covered)