Math Class

Dear Students, 
  Hope that you all are staying well and getting used to our new normal.  Of course, we miss you in the classroom and will try out best to keep in touch and keep you busy too.   Feel free to e-mail me at to keep in touch. Mrs. Moeller

Here are the units we cover in 6th grade Math, along with the dates we studied each SOL. 
Go to google classroom ( to find review materials on each unit.

Here are the list of class codes for each period:

You can practice your Math on DREAMBOX.  Get info. by going to google classroom!

Math period

Class code for google classroom

Zoom meeting for Math are held every Monday.
You can find the link to the meeting in your google classroom account. 

Period 2


 Periods 2,5 can log in at 1 pm

Period 3 extended Math


Period 3 can log in at 11 am 

Period 5


 Periods 2,5 can log in at 1 pm

Period 6 and Period 7


Periods 6,7 can log in at 1:30 pm 

Math 6- Units of Study

September- Unit 1:  Ratios and Proportions  (SOL 6.1, 6.12)
October- Unit 2:   Fractions, Decimals, and Percent ( SOL 6.2)
October, November-Unit 3:   Integers and Order of Operations (SOL6.3, 6.4, 6.6)
December- Unit 4:  Fractions and Problem Solving (SOL 6.5)
January, February -Unit 5:   Equations and Inequalities (SOL 6.13, 6.14)
March- Unit 6:   Geometry and Measurement (SOL 6.7, 6.8, 6.9)
To be Taught- Unit 7:    Data Analysis (SOL 6.10, 6.11)