Mrs. Johnson

Hi Team Clemson!
Welcome to 6th Grade.
We are so happy you are here. 
We have a great year planned out for you.
You can check out the Useful Links on the left side.
There, you will find links to our Math book, Big Ideas, Khan Academy, and 
In IXL you can answer up to 10 questions each day without an account.

See you soon on Zoom! 

        Mrs. Johnson   

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Class Schedule: 

Advisory                      Tuesday - Friday

Period 2     Math 6          Tuesday - Friday
Period 3     Math 6          Tuesday and Thursday
Period 5     Math 6          Tuesday and Thursday
Period 6     Math 6 Ext   Wednesday and Friday
Period 7     Math 6
          Wednesday and Friday

Unit 1  Ratios and Proportions
Unit 2  Fraction Decimal Percent Equivalence
Unit 3  Integers and Order of Operations
Unit 4  Fractions and Problem Solving
Unit 5  Equations and Inequalities   
Unit 6 Geometry and Measurement
Unit 7  Statistics


Office Hours: 

Email me anytime and I will return your email between 8am and 3pm weekdays.
I have office hours each Monday from 11:00 - 11:45
Clemson Teachers have office hours each Monday from 9:15 - 10:15.

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