Content Review Materials

If you are interested in reviewing the material that we have covered this year, please click on the link for each unit. There is a link from PWCS that is a helpful review for all the 6th grade material.  I have also attached the study guides that we have used so far this year. If you would like to check your answers, just send me an email and I will send the answers to you!

• 6th Grade Content Review (All Units)
• Earth's Water: Watershed (Spanish)
• Earth's Water: Properties
• Matter (Spanish)
• Energy Forms and Transformations
• Energy in the Atmosphere
• Weather and Climate (Pages 10-18)
• Space and Solar System (Pages 19-29)

General Science Resources:

Google Classroom: Here you will find updated assignments, resources, and information. Each of you should already be in class.  If you need help with this, please email me!

Clever: Here you will find many PWCS  link, videos, apps, and resources.

BrainPOP: BrainPOP can be accessed through Clever, or for free on the BrainPOP website.  Here you will find many great videos, quizzes, and activities that can be done at home. 

Gizmos: This will take you to Gizmos, you can log in like we normally do in class.  If you need help with your password, email me. Here you will find lab simulations and activities on many topics.


Other Science Resources to Explore:

Generation GeniusThis is the updated Bill Nye! We used this in class before and you all loved it! These are 10 minute videos on almost every science topic you can think of! Usually, Generation Genius is $120 a year, but considering the state of the world right now they have opened it up for teachers, students and parents. These videos are informative, engaging, and also include an “at home” piece so you can do a mini lab at home! Make sure you check it out!

National Forecast Maps: This is the National Weather Service where they will show you a daily updated national weather map.  You can observe the weather for each day for the whole county.

Mystery DougThis is a website that encourages you to ask questions! Doug answers a question a week that is submitted by a student. Throughout the video, Doug will help students find the answer the the question. The videos range from 1-5 minutes. This is a great video series that encourages you to to become scientists and ask questions!

NASA Science Space Place
: This website is a great way for you to explore Earth and Space through games, crafts, activities, videos, and other resources. 

NASA Space
Learn coding with this International Space Station docking simulation and learn some coding.

Astronaut in Space: Chris Hadfield's YouTube offers a GREAT look at what it is like to live on the International Space Station. He goes over everything from brushing his teeth, to eating, to the science on board. He's very informative and funny.

NASA Explorer Activities: This is a downloadable booklet that includes puzzles, space facts, learning about space ship parts, engineering, and much more! 

This website provides charts, graphs, illustrations to explain how everything & anything works. Great for curious minds & kids who always ask why!
Bill Nye the Science GuyThis website has all the old Bill Nye the Science Guy videos. You can watch informational & entertaining videos on any topic.
Science News for Students: This website educates students on science-related topics in the news. Great for middle-schoolers!   

Environmental Education for Kids
This is an online magazine containing articles and activities about animals, plants and environmental issues.



National Geographic Kids
NatGeoKids has science labs that students, parents, and families can do at home! 

Cincinnati ZooEvery weekday at 3pm EST the Cincinnati Zoo has a Home Safari where they highlight a different animal! After, they provide at home activities on their website. This is SO COOL!

Mystery ScienceMystery Science is another paid for subscription for K-5 science lessons. They have opened up their most popular lessons and posted them for free for teachers, students, and parents to use! There are full lessons with videos, hands on activities, and lesson outlines with materials needed. This is a GREAT tool to utilize during this time!


PHET SimulationsPhet Colorado Simulations are for Elementary, Middle, and High School students. These simulations are great for showing that science that is not always easy to see. My favorites are: Build a Molecule, Energy Skate Park, Force and Motion Basics, Greenhouse Effect, Arithmetic, and Build a Fraction.


Youtube Channels:

These are a few of my favorite YouTube channels Some of these channels are quick, informational videos whereas others are videos of labs that can be done at home!

• TED-Ed Riddles
• AsapScience
• Amoeba Sisters
• Crash Course
• Crash Course Kids
• Sick Science!
• SiShow Kids



Podcasts are so popular right now! You can access the podcasts through the websites links, as well as through the Apple Podcast app.


• Tumble Science