Welcome to Math 7 Extended! This year we will be learning the 8th grade math curriculum and will be taking the 8th grade math SOL!

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Topics we have covered:

Unit 1: Number Sense
SOL 8.1- Compare and Order Real Numbers
SOL 8.2- Real Number System
SOL 8.3- Square Roots

Unit 2: Proportional Reasoning
SOL 8.4- Consumer Math

Unit 3:Algebraic Applications
SOL 8.14- Expressions
SOL 8.9- Pythagorean Theorem

Unit 4: Equations and Inequalities
SOL 8.17- Multistep Equations
SOL 8.18- Multistep Inequalities

Unit 5: Functions
SOL 8.15- Functions, domain, and range
SOL 8.16- Equations, slope, and y-intercept

Unit 6: Geometry
SOL 8.5- Angle Pair Relationships
SOL 8.7- Transformations

Topics Not Yet Covered
Unit 7: Measurement
SOL 8.6- Volume and surface area of cones and square-based pyramids
SOL 8.8- 3D Models

Unit 8:Probability and Statistics
SOL 8.11- Independent and Dependent Probability
SOL 8.12- Box-plots
SOL 8.13- Scatter Plots