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Office Hours:

Monday 11:15-12:00
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Class Overview:


The focus of this year’s Reading Workshops and book clubs is to motivate our students to read and understand the importance of becoming lifelong readers. Our goal is to strengthen comprehension skills. Within the design of the workshop model, which includes direct teacher instruction, group and individual engagement our students will continue to develop strategies that lead to individual growth.  Students are required to have an independent reading novel and will use this on a regular basis to complete a variety of learning activities.  


Writing will be an even greater part of the curriculum this year.  Students will identify the structure of the writing, craft their own writings, evaluate and edit, write responses and essays.  Types of writing we explore are narrative, fiction, non-fiction, persuasive, descriptive, compare and contrast, cause and effect, and research.

CANVAS / Class Notebook:

We will be using Canvas and Microsoft 365 this year. Students will use these learning tools to allows me to create and collect assignments digitally. Students will be able to keep track of all assignments and access lessons synchronously and asynchronously.