Becky Costello
(Feel free to call or text my Google Voice Number)

Welcome to language arts with Ms. Costello, I am so happy to have YOU as my student this year!  As we begin the 2020 year I want to assure you that I will be here to support your learning and to help alleviate some of the stress you may be feeling.


Everyone keeps saying "we are in this together," even though it does not feel like it, but for this online learning environment "we are in this together." I spent the summer learning how to use Canvas and the last 3 weeks learning how to make documents using OneNote, Microsoft 365, and Flipgrid. I also knew nothing about Zoom up until March of this year and I remember when I was in middle school  video conference calls only existed on the Jetsons. 


I can tell you I am still learning, I know that I will never learn it all, I know that many other teachers and even students will be better at the technology than me, I know I will make many mistakes and already have, and I know that if I learn from the mistakes, laugh at myself a little, and be kind to others during this time of great unknown that we will get through this together.  When I say I am here for you I mean it!  If we need to have a Zoom meeting at 8:00 pm to help you figure out a technology issue or a language arts issue, I am here for you. If your internet goes down and you need me to print the assignments and drop them off at your house or mail them to you, I will do it!  If you just need to vent and complain about virtual learning and let me know how frustrated you are, we can do it together!

As we get to know each other this year and spend time together you will find out that I was born in March of 1980, hence the Jetsons reference, that I have two daughters, one will be in 8th grade this year and my other will be in 11th grade, and that I have a Beagle named Oddie whom I adore.  You may also learn that I love music, most kinds of music and that I am very open-minded to hearing new "school appropriate" music as well. So I leave you with a few versions of... "I Will Be There For You." This will be my theme for the year and I will be there for you! You can decide which one you think is the best, or maybe you dislike all of them, which is okay. (If you click on the artist it will take you to a Youtube song link) 

  1. 1988, Bon Jovi version (this one happens to my favorite)
  2. 1995, Rembrants version (think Friends theme song)
  3.  2018, Jess Glynne version

Lastly, we can't give up on each other or yourself.  Frustration is a natural part of learning something new.  Don't be afraid to walk away from something that is causing you frustration and take a break.  I leave you with one more song that I love and adore!  Of course it's called "Don't Give Up On Me." Andy Grammar sings "Don't Give Up On  Me."  

Office Hours

These are the office hours listed on my schedule but please keep in mind I will be super flexible with these and if you need help at a different time (as long as it’s not during another class or a meeting) I will do my best to accommodate you.  Please send a request to 

 Click here for Language Arts on Monday: 11:15-12:00
Click here for Team Michigan Office Hours: 9:15-10:15
Click here for afternoon advisory, by appointment: 2:30-2:55 


With virtual learning there comes some flexibility with supplies.  Language arts initially wanted you to have 2 composition notebooks and pencils. Our vision was that one notebook would be used as a "daybook" for daily writing and the other would be used to organize notes and reading materials.  If you would like to use paper notebooks you may but we will offer you an electronic version that you can use for the beginning of the year.  I do think having some paper and a writing utensil during class is helpful, but you may choose what that looks like!

Other Important Information

There is a lot of information this year and I don’t want to overwhelm you.  On Tuesday if you can get into your 2nd period Zoom session everything will be okay!  I will email the Zoom session to every email address I have in the Hub, so please make sure yours is updated. If you do not get the email you can contact the school, Tuesday morning.  They have access to my Zoom codes, and they can help you out, you can also email me, or even text a friend that you know who is in the same class and can let me know that you need help. If for some reason Zoom would crash or not work on Tuesday, I will send an email and update you in Canvas! In the files section I am going to post more information about the list below and if you think of anything I am missing please, again, email me at  If it would help you, it would probably help someone else and I want you to have it!

  1. Lunches
  2. Library
  3. Student View
  4. Parent View
  5. Email link (another link that may help)
  6. Canvas
  7. Zoom