Hello dear students,

Go Google classroom, or to files and documents to have new class material and worksheets all weeks. Don´t hesitate to post any question you have. Remember to visit the useful link section to access to new and interesting readings.

Queridos estudiantes,

Recuerden entrar a Google classroom o a la seción files and documents para tener nuevas guias y trabajos, no duden en escribir cualquier pregunta que tengan. Visiten la sección de Useful links para obtener nuevas e interesantes lecturas.

Stay healthy.

David Gonzalez Marambio


Class Schedule: 

8:34-9:22 Language Arts 6th grade. Miss Diplacido
9:26-10:14 Language Arts 6th grade. Mr Turchetta
10:18-11:06 Language Arts 7th grade. Miss Costello
11:10-11:58 Language Arts 7th grade. Miss Humphreys
12:02-12:50 Planning
1:15-2:03 Language Arts 8th grade. Mr Butler
2:07-2:55 Planning

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 8am-3pm