We Are Still Together. 

Students and Parents:  Did any of us ever think we would be in this position?  I certainly didn't.  This is an unprecedented, hectic and possibly stressful situation for all of us.  Please be very patient with all the teachers and administrators as we all are adjusting to the new processes and guidance of establishing online learning for the next few weeks.  

First and foremost: Nothing else matter except the safety, health and well being of all.  Parents, if you ask your students, they will all tell you that safety in my classroom comes first!  No exceptions.  Secondly, I want to stress the importance of students maintaining a regular schedule.  This includes the need to get plenty of sleep but not to much either.  I know my three kids came to understand very quickly that Mrs. Brown and I were not going to let them stay up all night playing X-Box and sleeping until noon the next day.  Please create a routine for them to follow.   Third, I want to continue to stress to my students that work for my classes should come second behind their regular core classes.  I will be posting links to our regularly used websites in your student's respective grade levels over to the left side of your screen.

The first order of my operation is communication.  This is critical for both student and parent to be able to communicate with all teachers.  Please be sure that you have a valid email address on file with the school or contact your teachers with current email addresses.  As always, students and parents are welcome to email me anytime at brownpr1@pwcs.edu.  I will replay at my earliest convenience.  Please stay safe, calm and resilient.