Please  return all overdue library books! 

Book drop box outside of school's main entrance

Be sure to request a new book for curbside pick-up or classroom delivery:
Last date for curbside pick-up is Monday, May 10th!

Summer Reading Suggest
Reading Lists!

Please view the library Canvas module 32.0 or Library Documents to see the Summer Reading Suggested Reading Lists 2021 

Students can find titles on the suggested reading list through our UBMS Destiny Library Catalog (e-book collection), PWC Public Library System, and PWC Public library e-book & audio book collection via the SORA application found in Clever.

UBMS Destiny Library Catalog

PWC Public Library System



Our Next Author to Visit will Be...
Charles Waters
June 9th via Zoom

author charles waters with his book dictionary for a better world

  author standing with Ms. Dublin and Ms. Mitchell

Fall 2019 author visit by Dr. Padma Venkatraman

planet library cartoon by a student

Ms. Mandros with books  ms. dublin with books Ms. Mitchell with books