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Office Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 9:25-10:00- 1:15 to 1:45


Soy la Señora Duque, y soy la encargada de enseñar Español en las siguientes clases:

Sexto grado:
Introducción al Español para hablantes con fluidez 
Séptimo grado: Español para hablantes con fluidez
Séptimo  y Octavo grado: Español Regular 1B

Espero que aprendan y disfrutes mucho de mis clases. 

"Aprender un idioma no sólo es una opción, es una oportunidad más para triunfar en tu vida" 


I'm Mrs. Duque, Spanish teacher. I teach the following classes:

Sixth grade: Introduction to Spanish for fluent speakers
Seventh grade:  Spanish for fluent speakers
Seventh and Eighth grade: Regular Spanish 1B

I hope you learn and enjoy my classes. 

"Learning a language is not only an option, it is one more opportunity to succeed in life"



 1  Advisory
 2  Spanish Intro. Fluent Speakers
 3  Planning
 4  Spanish 1B for fluent speakers
 5  Spanish 1B for fluent speakers
 6  Spanish 1B for fluent speakers
 7  Planning
 8  Spanish 1B Regular


Instructional Calendar

Introduction to fluent Speakers




Países hispano hablantes

Identificar y localizar donde se habla español





Identificar y usar regionalismos de diferentes países hispanohablantes



Identificar y usar cognados para mejorar nuestro nivel de español


Falsos cognados


El alfabeto, los fonemas del español, y su división silábica

Reconocer las letras del alfabeto sus sonidos y fonemas.


Puedo entender y completar dictados

El alfabeto

El diptongo

El triptongo

El hiato




El calendario, el clima, las estaciones y fechas especiales.

Puedo reconocer, usar, y preguntar por el calendario, el clima, y las estaciones


Días de la semana


oraciones simples

las estaciones



Los puntos cardinales

Puedo reconocer y usar los puntos cardinales para localizar lugares en el mapa

Puntos cardinales

Ser vs estar

La ciudad

Influencia hispana

Puedo reconocer y usar oraciones interrogativas

Palabras interrogativas

Personas influyentes en los países hispanohablantes



Tradiciones y costumbres de los países hispanohablantes

Puedo leer, hablar, y escribir sobre diferentes tradiciones y costumbres







Instructional calendar

Regular Spanish 1B





Talk about family and Relationships.

Make introductions.

Introduce family members.

I can recognize and understand basic information while listening such as:

-identify and list the members of the family

- state how many people are in a family

-recognize the relationships between family members

-identify family member words on a family tree

Family members



Definite articles

Possessive pronouns

Verbs “Vivir, Salir, and tener”


Describe physical and personality traits form others.

State likes based on personality.


I can talk and present information about myself and others using words and phrases such as: describe my physical appearance, personality, and describe someone else’s physical appearance personality with verbs to be, have, and prefer in Spanish.

Physical and personality adjectives

Verbs to be, have and prefer

“Día de los Muertos” Project.

I can recognize and talk about other cultures.

Countries, Dates, customs and beliefs.


Talk about what people are going to do during their free time.

Speak about routines.

I can write, listen, read, and talk about my daily routine in Spanish.

Daily routines activities

Home favorite places

Verbs: “deber, tener, querer, preferir, and gustar”




Thanksgiving project.

I can recognize new cultures how Hispanics celebrate it.


I can research and share the thanksgiving activities with my classmates.

Thanksgiving activities, type of food.

Differentiate what people want to do and have to do.

I can assess the difference between have to do and want to do base on their personality, and of others as well as some context like home and school.

Home and school places

Verbs: “gustar and deber”

Extend, accept and decline invitation to do an activity.

Identify key words, and some formulate expressions.

I can Identify when someone desire to do an activity


Inside and outside activities

Verbs: Poder, ir, querer, tener, and deber”

Talk about places in the city.

I can identify places in the city.

I can name locations of where different activities take place.

I can write simple sentences on familiar topics in short or long paragraph style.


Places a round the city

Verb “ir”



Where, when, with who, and why.




Identify and describe foods and drinks.


I can talk about foods and drinks based on pictures.

I can identify different types of food.

I can name, talk and write about my favorite foods, why I like them, and where I go to eat them.


Food, places.

Verbs: “Comer, tomar, leer, ver, comprender, querer,and tener”



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Please check google classroom to see your assignments. progress, and messages

These are the class codes:

Second Period gdti6pm

Fourth Period: edvpdif

Fifth Period: 53mwisc

Sixth Period: 2bbsfij

Eighth B: 


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The Regular Spanish 1B classes should have receive multiple communications to set up their IXL accounts. This online resource provide students with the content, vocabulary, and skills covered in Spanish 1B. Please click the following link and login  IXL. If you still do not have your login and password, please e-mail me.