Below find a list of all the topics we have covered this year! We got through so much!

August 2019

  • SMS Code of Behavior Expectations
  • Introduction to Historical Thinking
    • Sourcing, Reliability, Evidence

September 2019

  • Reconstruction
    • 3a Civil War Amendments and their Impact
    • 3b Impact of Reconstruction on South
    • 3c Legacies of Lincoln, Lee & Douglass
    • 4c Post-Reconstruction Segregation and Jim Crow

      October 2019

  • Westward Expansion
    • 2a Geography of the Great Plains and Midwest
    • 4a Reasons to Move West
    • 4a Technological Adaptations
    • 4a Impact on Native Americans (Reservations, Assimilation)

      November 2019

  • Immigration & Industrialization
    • 2b/4b Growth of Cities & Industrialized Regions
    • 4b Immigration (Reasons for Immigration, Discrimination, Reform)
    • 4e Negative Effects of Industrialization

      December 2020

  • Industrialization Continued
    • 4bce Progressive Era Reforms (Child Labor Laws, Rise of Unions, Improved Factory Conditions, Women’s Suffrage, Temperance, Civil Rights)
    • 4d – Rise of Big Business and Captains of Industry (Rise of Oil, Railroad, Steel industries, Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbilt)
    • 4d New Inventions (Lightbulb, Airplane, Cars, Telephone)

      January 2020

  • America Emerges as a World Power
    • 5a Spanish American War Causes & Effects (USS Maine, Yellow  Journalism, Business Interests, Gaining New Territories, Emergence as a World Power)
    • 5b Teddy Roosevelt Presidency (Roosevelt Corollary + Panama Canal)
    • 5c World War I (AIMN Causes, US Involvement, Trench Warfare, Battlefield Technology, Lasting Effects, Wilson’s 14 Points)

      February 2020

  • Boom and Bust
    • 6abc Roaring 20s (New Technology, Lifestyles & Music, Harlem Renaissance/Great Migration, Prohibition/Bootlegging/Speakeasies)
    • 6d Causes of the Great Depression

      March 2020

  • Boom and Bust Continued
    • 6d Effects of the Great Depression
    • 6d FDR and New Deal Policies
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