Dasha Sealock
sealocdd@pwcs.edu     571-719-4198

Hello STMS/Ohio State students & parents, 

I wanted to share with you that all of your core classes' (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) resources can be found under one google classroom, 'Team Ohio State'. Here you will find various educational resources to support each of you in your distance and continual learning. 
Students can access Google classroom using their @stonewallmiddle.com log-in information. To access Gizmo simulations, students can go to explorelearning.com web page. If you have difficulty with your username/password on Gizmo, please contact me. I will be glad to provide this information.  The instructional calendar (attached below) provides a listing of life science topics we have covered this school year. Maybe a good review list.
Be sure to send me any questions, concerns, & comments you may have via your Gmail account or to sealocdd@pwcs.edu. 

Science rocks, Mrs. Sealock

 To access Google Classroom, visit:http://classroom.google.com.  

Instructional Calendar Life Science (2).docx